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A Wing For You
Sometimes life is hard. Luck seems to live elsewhere: Because we’re different, we’rer alone or something is blocking our way.
No matter if it’s a small challenge or a stroke of fate- I dedicate milouwings® to all people who are missing a „wing to fly“. As with my little cousin, who was born with a shortened arm and luckily landed with us.

milouwings® are a „must have“ for your sneakers and shoes. The lucky charm is easily attached to your shoe lace. It’s available in different versions with shining rhine stones. In the versions it’s goldened in white, or rose. Start flying and discover the beautiful moments of life!
Yours, Maria

We donate!
With the income of the sale we support People who were born with Dysmelia, a malformation of the limbs. Find out more under www.dysmelien.de

I am a member of the Selbsthilfgruppe SGH and support the Dysmelien e.V. in Hessen.


About milouwings®

The product milouwings® simultaneously gives the brand its name. Maybe with your help we can further expand the charity thought by soon offering even more products under this brand.

For now, the trendy wings are available for shoes and sneakers in the known versions: classic and sparkle in different colors. They can also be easily turned into a nice necklace or bracelet with a leather or satin ribbon. The four clamps on the back make this possible. Of course, there aren’t any set limits to your imagination. We happily accept your ideas which we will then publish on our website.

The Dsymelien e.V. in Hessen is happy about your donation. With a donation you support people who are affected by Dysmelia.


milouwings® is a registrated Trade Mark in Germany (DPMA: dpma.de) and additionally registrated at EUIPO (European Union: euipo.europa.eu).

Attaching milouwings®: This is how!